With Valentine’s Day just behind us, it’s a safe bet that a good hunk of couples just made a big step in their relationship.  And this step is BIG!  Engagements are for more than just planning the wedding day.  This incredible time often flies by in a flurry of venue shopping, guest list planning, and coffees with your potential Nashville wedding photographers ;)  But this period of your relationship is just as precious as the day you are working tirelessly to plan!! Your engagement is a period of time to celebrate the two of you choosing each other for life, and, for only this brief moment, getting to call your significant other your “fiancé” with all the accent you can muster!  Such an important time should be documented for countless reasons, but if I haven’t convinced you already, here are a few more of my favorite reasons to memorialize your engagement!


Why don't I slip into something more comfortable?


-- Lisa Fremont, Rear Window

You can wear what you want!  No one can deny how beautiful a bride looks in her wedding dress and how handsome a groom can be all suited-up, but I’ve watched enough brides laced into their dresses and grooms buttoned all the way up in their suits to know that they’re not the most comfortable outfits you’ve ever worn!  There is a huge difference between the formality of wedding day outfits and the comfort of your favorite dress or your favorite jeans that you know look so good on you.  This is another opportunity to show off your personality as a couple!  Clothes surely don’t make the man (or lady), but they can absolutely tell us something about you!



You want the moon?  Just say the word and I’ll throw a lasso around it and pull it down.

-- George Bailey, It's a Wonderful Life

An engagement session is a fully customizable experience.  No two couples are alike, so no two engagement sessions are ever alike!  Whether you and your honey are hikers, dog lovers, dancers, Nashville explorers, or anything else, the two of you together doing something you love can produce some amazing pictures that show you both in your natural habitat.  Some of my favorite pictures of a couple come from the engagement photography.  Without the pressures of putting on a wedding, the two of you can relax into the experience.  And relax into each other!  Because those are the best things about an engagement session - it’s fun and it’s all about you as a couple!


Getting to know you, getting to know all about you. 

Getting to like you, getting to hope you like me!

-- Julie Andrews, The King and I

Finally, of course, there’s also the boiler plate reason you’ll find in countless blogs and articles, you’ll get to know your wedding photographer.  But in turn, and just as importantly, your photographer will get to know you!  Not every couple has the same love language.  An engagement shoot is a perfect opportunity for your photographer to learn how best to capture you and your partner.  Are you two sweet snugglers or a pensive power couple?  In an engagement shoot, your photographer has the opportunity to see what works for you two!  In turn, you two get to see yourselves captured through your photographer’s lens.  You hate that angle in the engagement shoot?  Great!  Now you and your photographer have a piece of information that will help produce even better photos at your wedding!  Getting to know and be comfortable with your photographer, and they with you, WILL lead to amazing photography for the two of you.

This time is fleeting and so very special.  Be sure to spend some time making memories of the time that the pair of you spent engaged.  Engagement photos can be a beautiful and powerful representation of an incredible time in your relationship.  They can be anything you want them to be!  But one thing is for sure, these pictures will be something you look back on and treasure for years and generations to come!


Wishing you lots of love,




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