The only constant we can count on in life is that life will change.  Not all change is something that needs to be feared or avoided.  A lot of change is something happy and magical that comes from growth and development!  A second marriage can be a big step for a family, but this evolution is absolutely one of those beautiful changes that deserves not only happiness, but celebration!!  Here are a few of my favorite reasons why I feel this way, and some of my favorite photos from second marriage celebrations!


A special day worthy of a special celebration!

So many brides who are planning their second wedding feel they need to downplay their cerebration based solely on the fact that this is their second time down the isle.  We say, “no way!”  A second marriage can be just as special, if not more special than your first wedding.  The unbelievable connection between two people, so in love, is still a celebration-worthy occasion.  Love at any age is magic, and no two love stories are ever the same!


Planning a wedding is an exciting process!  Many times, there are tons of well-wishers more than willing to add their 2 cents to your plans, especially if there is parental funding, as is often the case with first marriages.  All that input can lead to your own desires for your wedding day being lost in translation.  A second wedding is a beautiful opportunity to take what you’ve learned from your first wedding experience — and probably a few more experiences as a guest at other weddings — and allow that to inform your next celebration.  This day can really focus on the things that are important to you and your partner without all that overwhelming external influence.


A wedding, in essence, is a window for your guests to peer into your new life with your chosen partner.    Seeing the two of you in an event you designed, planned, and executed together is a unique and telling experience.  No two weddings are alike, even if they are both yours!  Jobs change, friends change, places change, WE change.  Some of the players may be the same, but a second wedding can be different in so many ways, and that should be celebrated and documented!


One of my favorite reasons to celebrate a second wedding is that many times it comes with more than just two stars of the show.  Second weddings often represent the joining of two families, not just a union between two people in love.  It is a wonderful opportunity to unite the members of your family with the members of your new family and create a beautiful and loving whole.  There are so many roles to fill and traditions to start in a wedding celebration.   From ring bearer and flower girl, to best man and maid of honor, and from tree planting to sand mixing, there are many ways to bring your family together in a wedding ceremony.


Finally, these memories can be not only important to you, but important to your whole family as you grow together!  Throughout my life, one of my and my sister’s favorite things to do was look through the pictures my mom had taken over the years.  My sister and I would put together scrapbooks of our favorite photos from our parents' wedding, to their first house, through my babyhood, and soon after my sister’s.  My mom was insistent about having our lives and our important moments documented through photography and video.  These physical representations of those memories have become so very important to me.  They take me back to the growth of our family and keep me connected to memories I love and hope to never ever forget.  Things that didn’t seem important to me at the time — another princess tea party, another snow day, another birthday party or prom — all of these repeat moments, at different stages of life, show our growth and change as people.


Change is a wonderful thing.  Love is a wonderful thing.  Memories are wonderful things.  And family is one of the most wonderful things in the world.  No matter the shape or size, a family growing together is a moment for celebration.  Don’t let the fact that this may be your second marriage stop you from indulging in the joy of the occasion.  Document your growing and evolving life, and celebrate love with your family!


Celebrate Love!  Love,



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