A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of shooting an engagement session for one of my oldest and best friends.  Kandice and I met our freshman year of college as randomly assigned roommates at Appalachian State University.  I feel forever fortunate that we immediately clicked and became fast friends.  For that first semester, we built traditions and inside jokes that have lasted almost ten years now.  We knew the local Papa John’s delivery number by heart, we wandered campus taking cringey photos of each other, we hid vodka in our room and searched out parties.  But at the end of our first semester she left me!  Kandice transferred to an ultrasound technician school and I lost my partner in actual crime.  

Little Freshman, Kandice and I on a photo walk.

Little Freshman, Kandice and I on a photo walk.


From the first time I started to pick up a camera, Kandice made me promise to photograph her wedding -- even before I knew I wanted to shoot weddings!  Years later, while living in New York, after I second-shot my first wedding, I called Kandice and said, “Well, I’m officially practicing shooting weddings!  I’ll be ready!”  Since our time in college, we visited each other in the various places we've lived, I went to her mom’s wedding, we have had countless phone calls for hours, and every time, it was like no time had passed.  One of my favorite things about my relationship with Kandice is that the distance has never stopped us.

When I met Landon at Kandice’s mom’s wedding, I thought we might have found the winner!  My fiancé, John, and I commented about how much Kandice was laughing with Landon.  Kandice called me when they bought a house together and we day dreamed about their future plans and family.  Soon after, I got that classic ring photo, snapped in the moment, and blasted out to everyone who needed to know!  “It’s time!!!” she said!

Kandice lives in Ohio now, and we toyed with the idea of a snowy engagement session, but betting on the weather of a town 6 hours away from Nashville proved to be quite a feat.  Instead, we waited for the weather to break and the trees to get some leaves, and planned to meet somewhere in the middle.  We landed on Louisville, KY, a cool 2.5 hours from each of us.  We did our research, Kandice picked a beautiful coffee shop to start in, and then we made our way around parks and historic Louisville and finally Beargrass Creek.  We spent the whole day together and got some wonderful shots.  It was a beautiful day spent catching up, exploring a new city, and documenting my sweet friend’s loving relationship.  Here are some of my favorites and some of the funnies from the day! 


This final shot was too funny not to include.  Poor Landon had been subjected to a full day of Kandice and I reminiscing and planning our next shots.  He was an incredible sport.  This marathon with Kandice and Landon gave us a wonderful laid back schedule full of exploring a new city, trying new restaurants, and shooting around a little bit.  I could not have asked for a better, more fun day with my beautiful friend and her sweet man.


Love your friends and keep them close!


Amanda is a wedding and engagement photographer in Nashville, TN.


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