Zach and Brittany’s wedding took us the farthest from Nashville we have traveled for a wedding: All the way up to Portland, Maine! Neither Zach nor Brittany lived in Portland, but after a visit there with some family, they knew it was the perfect place for a beautiful waterfront wedding. After a short water taxi ride, we arrived at Harbor View at Jones Landing on one of the tiny islands just off the coast of Maine. Harbor View was decked out in purple and white flowers with a beautiful archway overlooking the ocean. You could feel the love and family connection in all the guests as these two long-time lovebirds tied the knot in an emotional ceremony complete with their two dogs, Nuggy and Loki!


The ceremony ended right as the sun was beginning to set, giving us the opportunity to take Zach and Brittany aside for some stunning portraits of the two of them! These two were troopers! I love when a couple is willing to go the extra mile for some truly wonderful photos. Zach and Brittany carefully climbed down the rocks scattered along the coast, in the perfect sunset light, to stand for some of my most favorite bride and groom portraits ever. After a perfect sunset kiss, Zach carried Brittany over the rocks (harder to get back up than down), and it was time to party! There were touching speeches, a beautiful first dance with a killer dip, and a very silly cake cutting before the rest of the night was spent with the whole family dancing, even Grandma!


These two start their lives together with a whole boatload of love and support from their friends and family. You could feel it in the room, and you could feel it on the ferry back to Portland. The singing and dancing continued into the night as we all celebrated the love of Zach and Brittany!



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