I met Mackenzie and John long before their wedding date when we were only just planning their engagement session. I was instantly charmed by this soft-spoken and elegant couple. When I first arrived at the hotel on the morning of the wedding day, I knocked on the door of Mackenzie’s hotel room and was greeted by a totally different-looking Mackenzie than when I shot her engagement pictures earlier that year. She had died her hair a cool maroon color and had cut it shorter to right below her chin! I said to her, “OMG! You cut your hair! I love it!” and she replied, “Oh, I’m not Mackenzie. I’m her twin sister.” Just then, the Mackenzie I recognized walks around the corner laughing, probably having just heard my faux pas. How did I forget Mackenzie was a twin!? Thankfully the day went much smoother for me after that first blunder.


Mackenzie and her denim-decked bridesmaids and I jumped from the hotel to the chapel to finish getting ready. Mackenzie stepped into an absolutely beautiful dress with lots of embroidered details while her bridesmaids and John donned deep blue finery. The ceremony, in a small chapel in Franklin, was intimate and sweet, containing the first pinky promise I’ve seen in someone’s vows. The only ceremony crasher was one little flower girl, not content to just sit in the pews, instead opting for a spot on the stairs right next to the bride and groom. After the ceremony, and one short party bus ride, it was reception time! And more than anything, for Mackenzie and John, that meant dancing!


With the whole party in tow, they danced the night away. They were even hoisted into the air on their chairs in what must be one of the most fun and most terrifying wedding traditions to participate in that I know of. Over the course of this wedding, with Mackenzie and John in their element, surrounded by their family and friends, this beautiful couple I previously thought to soft-spoken, and even shy, erupted into the life of the party, and closed out their wedding day with one rockin’ good time.



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