Rachel and Brandon came to us relatively close to their wedding day, but their elegant affair was anything but a last minute event. On a sweltering day in June, we were cool, calm, and collected in the beautiful historic Wightman Chapel at Scarritt Bennet in Nashville. Rachel and Brandon are both classic old souls navigating a modern world and I couldn’t have thought of a more perfect venue for these two to tie the knot. Their own personal style was evident throughout the whole day, even in the minute details of their accessories. Brandon carried an engraved pocket watch and wore vintage Ford Motor Company cufflinks and Rachel topped her ceremony dress with a lace skirt and train with incredible floral detailing. Such a beautiful dress calls for a beautiful center stage photograph.


Before the two of them met for prayer in the breezeway, we took Rachel and her bridesmaids up onto the choir balcony at the back of the church. In one of my favorite wedding photos to date, Rachel’s bridesmaids dutifully draped her train over the edge of the railing and we snapped a picture of the process. The attentive looks and each bridesmaid reaching to help exemplified the care that everyone involved in this wedding had for their bride and groom. To me, it looks like a renaissance painting. Too perfect for words. The resulting shot of Rachel alone on the balcony is incredibly stunning as well, but it is the details and quick moments of real love and care in the interactions between people that really stand out to me as the memory-makers of a wedding day.


The rest of the wedding was just as incredible. From the bagpipes leading the procession, all the way through a perfect bubble exit, Rachel and Brandon’s old souls rode off into their new life together after a beautiful expression of their individuality, and a sweet preview of their happy future.


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