When I arrived at Allenbrooke Farms, Sydney was just starting to have her makeup done. She was surrounded by her nine bridesmaids all decked out in beautiful, matching floral robes. There was tons of excitement in the air as the girls sipped mimosas and fawned over how beautiful this day was going to be! With nine girls plus moms from both sides, champagne glasses were in short supply. One of my favorite shots of the morning was the improvised teacup mimosa held so daintily by Sydney while she had the final pins put in her hair. After makeup was competed and the dress was on, Sydney had her big reveal for her dad. The way he beamed at her while she fixed his boutonniere captured my heart!


Soon it was time for Drew’s first look! Drew and his service dog, Hooch, waited patiently under a huge beautiful tree next to the Allenbrooke barn. Soon Sydney came around the corner, and the two of them shared a quick moment of respite with each other in the midst of this big, exciting day. Everyone was dressed to the nines including Hooch, who sat so perfectly at attention in his own tux and bow tie while all the family pictures were taken.


Though it was currently a beautiful day, the threat of rain was right on the horizon. The ceremony site was set up on the field next to the barn with a simple arch overlooking the fields. Accented with white and blush flowers, whiskey barrels, and Drew’s guitar, it was the perfect picture of a Nashville wedding. As the ceremony started, all eyes were on the sky until Drew picked up his guitar and started playing a song he had written for Sydney. Hooch came barreling down the aisle, shortly followed by two toddling flower girls and finally Sydney. The ceremony was short and sweet, punctuated by a beautiful kiss, and as soon as Drew and Sydney made it back down the isle heading towards the barn, the sky opened up!


The rain ended up being short-lived and soon we were all back out on the lawn for a few more pictures and some cheers. Inside, the reception area was set up beautifully. After a wonderful dinner, heartfelt speeches, and cake and donuts for all, it was time to dance the night away and seal it with a kiss.



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