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I have always loved love stories. From fairy tales and famous literary romances, to classic movies and modern rom-coms, love just makes you feel good! I am thankful all the time that I found a way to make love stories my job. My approach to wedding photography draws inspiration from photojournalistic styles. We’ll capture your wedding day fully and completely with the intent of telling your story through tons of pictures! No detail will go undocumented!

We specialize in capturing candid, real moments that the lasting memories from this special event are made of. The laughter of you and your friends, the dance with the flower girl, the sweet look you share with your significant other while the rest of the room is distracted by something else. These are the pictures that transport you back to this great day years down the line. These are the moments that memories are made of, and these are the moments I watch for. All that being said, that doesn’t mean we won’t pose you over the course of the day! A little wrangling of family for those big group photos is essential for keeping us on time and making sure everyone gets their pictures. Additionally, maybe you and your significant other want some posing inspiration too! I can help you with that as well!! Those beautiful, mantle-worthy photos can often come from a suggestion of a pose that we can laugh through to find that perfect, natural moment where you and your love shine.

Weddings are historic family moments, and I believe the images captured on that day should stand the test of time. We take timeless photos that don’t conform to fads or trends.  Our photos pop with vibrancy and color without being oversaturated.  The colors you picked for your day will be the colors you see in your photos.  I want your pictures from this day to be something you love revisiting forever.

With all these pieces put together, you will have your own timeless love story to cherish and share for years to come.  I would like nothing more than to chat with you about how you would like to tell your love story.  Go ahead and shoot me an email and we can start building your perfect day package!!

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