This past June, I planned a trip out to Colorado to visit my best friends and college roommates for a much-needed reunion after years apart. Flights were booked and arrangements were made months in advance so we could all have the most jam-packed, work-free long weekend! The plan was to run around Denver going rafting, brewery hopping, hiking and taking in the sights! When June finally rolled around, I was starting to get psyched for the trip when Tracey, one of my Colorado friends, texts me: “Too bad you’re not the only one who’s engaged,” along with the classic cell phone engagement ring shot. Cue the completely stereotypical screaming girl reaction! After a quick phone call, I was even more excited for the visit because I knew this meant we would be doing engagement pictures! At this point, I had met Matt – Tracey’s now fiancé – once, maybe twice, and had already fallen completely in love with him. I could not have imagined a more perfect man for Tracey. He was as goofy, if not more so, than Tracey, incredibly sweet, and just a joy to be around. I was absolutely thrilled.


When I landed in Denver, Tracey picked me up from the airport and we caught up around her house for a while waiting for our other bestie Brittany to get off work. It was a lovely 60 degrees out there! All the Colorado-ans were furious. They only have about 3 months of true summer before it starts to get cold again, so they jealously guard their warm days. I, on the other hand, am used to hot and humid Nashville summers that seem to start up in April, with no end in sight. The weekend continued that way, much to the chagrin of my compatriots. It rained most days and stayed in the mid 60’s, meaning the tops of the mountains were still getting snow. That meant too cold for rafting, but perfect weather for some quick photo sessions between the rain!


Tracey, Matt, and I took off to Golden, Colorado to some riverside hiking trails and then to one of the many breweries in that area. We spent the next couple hours of perfectly overcast lighting beebopping around trails, goofing around and laughing, and finishing off with a beer. All the while, I was capturing this incredible couple and the sweet love they share. I say this all the time, but engagement shoots are my favorite shoots ever, and the fact that I got to do this for one of my closest friends made it even more special.



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