Let Us Capture Your Special Day!


Let Us Capture Your Special Day!

Nashville & Franklin TN Wedding Photographers

There is nothing better than a love story well told.  A powerful connection is the backbone of a beautiful love story, from a castle in the countryside to that specific gin joint in Casablanca.  Your special day is no different!  Our goal is to capture that love and all the details around it with pictures you will treasure forever.

Bride and her bridesmaids

Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walked into mine.

Rick Blaine, Casablanca


I love you. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on.

Mr. Darcy, Pride and Prejudice

Nashbox Wedding Photography offers uniquely comprehensive and consistent coverage for your entire wedding day.  We are two well-matched, professional photographers with complimentary skills working from a solid foundation of wedding photography experience and artistic talent.  We work in tandem to capture everything from mantle-worthy classic portraiture and that fairy-tale first kiss, to candid moments of every perfect detail.

bridesmaids helping a bride get ready
Beautiful bridal bouquet shot by Amanda

As wedding photographers in Franklin TN and Nashville, we have the pleasure of telling love stories of all shapes and sizes in all corners the south.  Come have a cup of coffee on us!  We would love to meet you, hear your wedding dreams, and help you create a perfect memory of your happiest day.

Beautiful exit shot by photographer Mayur

The way he looked at her is the way all girls wanna be looked at.

Jordan Baker, The Great Gatsby


Our Process

Our Process

Franklin TN Wedding Photographers: The Team

A wedding is a big production! Whether you have 15 or 500 guests, we believe that any wedding is better captured with two professional photographers.  All our collections include our two-photographer team for an expertly covered day.


Mayur is a man with a plan, and a backup plan.  With an engineering background, Mayur knows how things work, and how to get them done.  He is the go-to man for a challenging scene with too many moving parts (or people), or a difficult lighting setup for those perfectly frozen sparkler shots.  He is the mastermind behind the grand wedding portraiture that will take your breath away and give you images you will want to display in your home for years to come.

Franklin wedding photographers, A&M Wedding Photography covered Billy & Megan's wedding.
Franklin TN wedding photographers, anm weddings covered this wedding at the White Dove Barn in Murfreesboro TN
Stunning wedding ceremony

Amanda (That’s Me!) 

Where Mayur shines in the big picture, I specialize in the details.  Love is in the details!  Every element you have worked so hard to display at your wedding plays a key part in the story of the day.  Even more importantly, the details of your love and interactions can be the most memorable and endearing photos for you and your family!  Not much slips past my lens!  All my life I’ve been a passioned observer.  This has allowed me a uniquely valuable talent for capturing the tender candid moments between a bride and groom and their friends and family.  These are the pictures that will send you back to relive the precious memories of your wonderful day.

Wedding details shot by Amanda 
Franklin Wedding Photographers, A&M Weddings shot this image. 
Bride getting ready for her wedding
Bridal portrait shot by photographer Amanda

With our complimentary skills and experience in working with each other’s strengths, we can fully and expertly capture every detail of your very special day.  Rain and shine, we’ve seen it all, and we love every bit of it!




Bridal portrait by Tennessee wedding photographer Mayur

“It’s hard to pick a just a few pics for my album, and I blame you guys for that. They’re all so good!”

““My engagement pictures are perfect, and I am sure you'll do a great job at my wedding too!””



Where To Next?

Where To Next?

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